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Welcome to our selection of costumes that have been gathered from Canada and the United States. Not only do we provide high quality costumes that you’re able to wear to any great parties going on, but trick or treating in the neighborhood just became a lot easier. Browse the selection, one click and you’re able to purchase the costume you want from one of our trusted partner’s website and have it shipped right to your door. Shipping to Canada and beyond, so no matter where you are, you have the costume options available to everyone.

Their is just 8 day's remaining to order using standard Canadian shipping for Haloween 2015!

Top Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2015

Search our many options, because you can never have too many when trying to decide who you’re going to be for that spooky night ahead. You should be able to have as many as you’d like, with an option for everyone in the family. Only then can be happy with the outcome, and with what they are providing. We want to provide the best services for everyone, and we strongly believe in great customer support. If you have many costumes, and while not everyone is able to find what they are looking for, our partners customer support team can help with that.

Do not believe us when it comes to being able to get the highest quality, for the most affordable option? Check out the many things we have to offer. Not only can you complete your entire outfit, but the shipping to your home is one of the best, as well. Get your costume in time for the party, but also know that it fits and you have time to return it if necessary. We welcome one and all to browse without having to go to multiple costume websites to find what they are looking for. We brought them all to you in one place since we are partnered with many of the best Canadian and United States costume stores.

Whether you’re searching for a great costume, one that fits in or just one you can have fun in; we have something that was meant for every single person in your family and now you can have them at the most affordable prices you’ll be able to find on the web.

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How to Personalize a Costume Bought Online

The key to making a costume that you have bought online a bit more unique is to personalize it and make it your own. Just a few of the right touches can turn that mass manufactured costume that you bought and that might be worn by thousands of other people into a wonderful head-turning outfit with a big “wow factor.”

Once you have bought a Halloween costume online it is time for you to make some creative choices. Do you want the costume to sexier, more horrific or funnier?

Making a mass-manufactured costume sexier is pretty simple. For women sometimes all it takes is just adding some fishnets and a pair heels. The skirt or pants on any costume can be shortened to reveal more leg and the bodice can be pulled down to reveal more cleavage. Add some sexy looking make-up and maybe a beautiful wig with lustrous locks and your costume is much more alluring. Men can also cinch in the belt on a costume to make it sexier or add a mask that just covers the eyes.

If you want to make your costume more horrific start adding a little blood. Tear up the costume a bit and rimming the edges of the torn spot to make knife wounds. One fun idea is to take a generic character costume and then simply make it a “zombie” costume. For instance, you could take a hero costume like Superman and become Zombie Superman by adding the right make-up and dirtying the traditional outfit to make it look like he just clawed his way out of a grave.

Another way to make an ordinary costume more horrific is to simply give yourself a bloody weapon. Imagine dressing up as Alice in Wonderful holding a bloody axe or as a surgeon with a chainsaw. You can instantly make any costume into a vampire by adding fake pointy teeth and a bit of love. Imagine being Captain Kirk or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz only with vampire fangs.

To add humor to a costume all that is usually required is a big red shiny nose. Imagine dressing up as a nun with a big red ball as a nose. The key is to find an incongruous mix of costume accessories.

When shopping online for Halloween costumes keep in mind that there are all sorts of possibilities for what seems to be even the blandest of costumes. Having a sense of humor and imagination can really help you create a truly impressive outfit for Halloween or another occasion. And remember all of the costumes displayed on our site are available to be shipped to Canada.

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