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Baby & Infant Halloween Costumes Ideas

At Halloween Costumes Canada we have partnered with some of the best Baby/Infant costume providers who have some of the cutest costumes available for the little one! Cute little animals are still the hottest trends when it comes to dressing up the little bundle of joy for Halloween! But there are many other chooses available including dressing up as a pumpkin, baby Blossom, Superhero, or little Pirate. And remember all of the costumes displayed on our site are available to be shipped to Canada.
The Muppets Baby/Toddler Kermit the Frog Costume $19.97
Pumpkin Costume Baby & Toddlers $16.90
Pirate Princess Costume for Baby $25.99 
Puny Pirate Baby Costume $24.97
Tiny Dancer Costume for Baby & Toddler $19.90
Precious Poodle Baby & Toddler Costume $47.9 
Monster Costume Baby & Toddler $14.99
Smurfette Costume Babys $31.97
The Muppets Baby/Toddler Animal Costume $9.99 
Baby Popeye Swee Pea Costume $19.99
Deluxe Plus Sizeh Eyeore Costume for Babys $29.90
Baby & Toddler Sesame Street Elmo Comfy Fur Costum $19.9 
Sock Monkey Baby 12 18 Mos Costume $19.90
Newborn Baby Superman Costume $13.90
Baby & Toddler Love Bird Costume $44.99 
Baby Dragonsaurus Costume $19.90
Baby Rockabye Baby Costume $19.99
Baby Santa Baby & Toddler Costume $34.99 

Our Exclusive Canadian Offers:

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Costume Discounters: 15% off Costumes $25 or more & Free Shipping on orders $100+ with Code CAN100