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Here at Costumes Canada we have a costume to suit everyone and to suit every size, age and taste. Our partners Halloween costumes are particularly cute and witty and they are also very safe with no details that could cause choking or obstruct a child's breathing. We have Halloween costumes for adults, boys and girls, tweens and teens in all sizes that are safe, not too provocative but still creative enough to be real head-turners! And remember all of the costumes displayed on our site are available to be shipped to Canada.

Ultimate Reversible Kids Spider Man Costume $39.99  

Batman 2nd Skin Costume $48.99  

Collectors Edition Batman Adult Costume $799.99  

Star Wars Rebels Deluxe Ezra Kids Costume $34.99  

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Costume Kit Adult $9.97  

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Bane Deluxe Adult Cos $48.99  

Batman Classic 1966 Series Grand Heritage Batgirl $119.99  

Star Wars The Clone Wars Clone Trooper Commander $49.99  

Star Wars Stormtrooper Special Edition Kids Costum $49.99  

Star Wars: Boba Fett Kids Costume $48.99  

Spider Man Dog Costume $14.99  

Star Wars Sexy Princess Leia Adult Costume $44.99  

Disney Cinderella Movie Costume for Toddlers $29.99  

DC Comics Batman Dog Costume $9.99  

Kids Reversible Spider Man Costume $38.99  

New Official The Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie Kids D $9.97  

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Muscle Kids Costume $24.99  

Classic Plus Size Cinderella Costume $38.99  
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Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of year that you need to start thinking about the Halloween costumes that you and your family are going to wear for trick or treating, or to a Halloween party. You need to use your imagination a bit to come up with a winning costume, but here are some ideas to start you off.

Trendy Halloween costumes: Be inspired by the latest movie and TV releases for your costume. Hot trends for this year include Transformers from Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Hobbit from The Battle of the Five Armies, X-Men from Days of Future Past, Captain America from The Winter Soldier and Captain America from The Winter Soldier. You can go for complete outfits or for accessories to transform an outfit quickly. Our partners have these trendy costumes in stock in children’s and adult’s sizes.

Classic scary Halloween costumes: Get into the spirit of the celebration with skeletons, monsters, witches, wizards and ghosts. Don’t forget to play around with the face paint, the fake blood, the transfers and fake tattoos, the masks and the wigs. You can create your own monster from your imagination or stick with a classic. Keep an eye out for glow-in-the-dark items.

Non-scary Halloween costumes: Some people prefer a non-scary costume but still want to have the fun of dressing up for a party. Good choices for non-scary costumes include angels, fairies, princes and princesses, pirates, gypsies, Western and animals (go for the head-to-foot animal costume and see if you can go unrecognized for the whole evening). One advantage of these Halloween costumes is that they can be used as costumes for fancy dress at other times of the year, or as costumes for school dramas.

Innovative Halloween costumes: Use a bit more imagination and go for an outfit or a character that few other people are likely to have. Try going as a mad scientist with a white lab coat, mystery stains on your front, wild hair and geeky glasses. Or become an escaped convict with a black and white striped outfit plus some handcuffs or a ball and chain a fun choice if your best friend, partner or date goes with you dressed as a police officer. Or why not become a scarecrow, a Scottish laird, a leprechaun, a Victorian housemaid, a punk or a tree?

Character Halloween costumes: Halloween is the time of year when many people get to unleash their inner superhero with a classic Superman or Batman costume for the guys or Wonder Woman for the girls. Other popular character Halloween costumes include Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek and Sesame Street. You’ll be surprised at the range of costumes out there based on these popular cultural figures.

Emergency Halloween costumes: Sometimes when you throw a fancy dress party, you’ll have a guest turn up without realising that it’s fancy dress. Have a few accessories handy to transform these unprepared guests into a character. Masks, wigs and hats are good bets here, or look out for face paint and fake beards that your guests can slap on in a hurry.

When it comes to choosing your Halloween costumes, your imagination is the only real limit. Browse through the range on offer on our site for more inspiration, or to find the perfect complete costume or accessories for this year’s Halloween costumes. And remember all of the costumes displayed on our site are available to be shipped to Canada.

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