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Which little girl doesn't want to dress up as the pretty Barbie doll? This beautiful fashionista comes in a variety of fabulous looks and offers a wide range of costume selection for Halloween. You can choose a Barbie Halloween costume from numerous Barbie themed outfits and accessorize your Barbie princess with matching shoes, hair accessories tiaras and slippers to get the complete look. Your girl will definitely love our very feminine ensembles at Costume Canada which are distinctly colored in pink. Some of your options include Barbie cheerleader costume for Toddlers and kids, Barbie Deluxe Mariposa Toddler and kids costume, Barbie Ballerina light up kids costume, Barbie kitty kids costume among several others. We have special designs that suit girls of all ages and sizes.

Adult Barbie Box is available from Halloween Costumes

Womens Barbie Exercise Barbie Costume is available from Halloween Costumes

Barbie Adult Ken Box Costume is available from Halloween Costumes

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