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Want something a bit scarier this Halloween season? We have just the costume for you when it comes down to it. We can provide you with a seriously scary, and very intimidating costume that you will have a lot of fun wearing around. The Descendants will sneak up on everyone around them, and provide them with a thrilling fright. If you're not into the funny costumes, then you can make sure to make the most of these costumes that we offer for affordable prices, and the ability to be shipped as fast as possible straight to your home. The Descendants will delight, and give a fright to all those around you so make sure to play the part, and play it well. Shop through the selection that is offered and choose the best costume for you, and the scares you want to give this year. With so many, you can grab a couple!

Descendants 2 Classic Evie Kids Costume is available from Halloween Costumes

Descendants 2 Classic Uma Girls Costume is available from Halloween Costumes

Descendants 3 Audrey Girls Wig is available from Halloween Costumes

Disney Descendants 3 Uma Wig for Girls is available from Halloween Costumes

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