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Star Trek is becoming more and more common now. As time moves forward, the new Star Trek shows are now beginning to make their way up on the screen. With this being said, you're more likely to get more from the show when you can dress up as your favorite character. We have everything you need to play the part, from the costume to any make up that you might need to really put on a show. Get much more out of your night when you're someone different. Whether you're from another planet, or look like yourself with the right outfit, you can fly through the galaxies with the entire family when they all dress up like the characters from the show, as well. With many sizes to choose from, you can ensure that this is a great time that you're going to have, without having to worry about putting on another costume you only somewhat like.

Plus Size Toga Halloween Mens Costume | Greek Costume is available from Halloween Costumes Canada

Short Black Bob Womens Wig is available from Halloween Costumes Canada

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