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Shrek Halloween costumes as well as Fiona costumes are perfect Halloween costumes. All you have to do is use some green make up and accessories like huge ogre hands, to get the complete look. Other options for Shrek costumes apart from ogre are Gingerbread man costume for kids and adults, Fiona costumes girls and women etc. Or you can be the classic green ogre that is everyone's favorite, by choosing the actual Shrek costume. Other great options from Shrek movie is to be the Puss in boots or donkey by wearing Shrek Forever After donkey adult mask, Shrek forever after deluxe puss in boots kids co, Shrek forever after donkey adult costume etc. Adorable baby costumes for Fiona and puss in boots are also available.

Shrek Pet Costume is available from Halloween Costumes Canada

Shrek Adult Mask Accessory is available from Halloween Costumes Canada

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