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Cinderella is a beautiful princess, and one that almost every little girl dreams of being. Why not make her dreams come true and allow her to be a princess every day of the year? With the help of a Cinderella costume, beautiful princess accessories and the right look and attitude; she will take the audience by storm. Smiling as she goes everywhere, and wearing the right outfit for the job, she was made to be the center of attention and the princess of the ball. You are just the one that is helping her achieve the results through a high quality costume that helps her transform into the beautiful princess that she is. It doesn't have to be Halloween to be the princess of the night. Use this costume to really stand out every day of the week! Beautiful princesses deserve beautiful dresses, don't forget the jewelry and glass slippers, too!

Plus Size Disney Premium Cinderella Costume Dress is available from Halloween Costumes Canada

Premium Cinderella Womens Costume is available from Halloween Costumes Canada

Girls Premium Cinderella Costume is available from Halloween Costumes Canada

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